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Dare to be Wild

The film is stunning. Never has Ireland looked so colourful.


Vivienne De Courcy


  • Emma Greenwell
  • Gillian Bolt
  • Séainín Brennan
  • Liam Burke
  • Janie Dee
  • Michael Hough
  • Tom Hughes
  • Danny Kehoe
2015, 100 mins, UK | Ireland
Bio | Romance

Come on an exquisite journey in this UK co-production, from the iconic green hills of Ireland, to the vast, dry deserts of Africa as Dare to be Wild takes you on a sweeping romantic adventure. This is the true story of Mary Reynolds (Emma Greenwell), a prodigy in the field of landscape design who has one powerful goal to share the uncompromising beauty and power of wild nature with the world. Mary enters a near-impossible competition to win gold at a prestigious Flower Show, and with the odds stacked against her she uses her undeniable talent and will to convince others to aid her. After a few painful hurdles, she bounces back. She departs on an epic journey to Ethiopia to recruit the only botanist who can help her achieve a fair victory, and the two fall madly in love over their mutual passion of preservation.

Mary is an iconic Irish heroine and Dare to be Wild is an ambitious film that seeks to honour her contribution and reiterate the importance of connecting to the environment around us.

Australian Premiere
    • Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2015