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Filmed in Supermarionation

There’s something very romantic about this success story of entrepreneurial creativity.
The Guardian


Stephen La Rivière


2014, 120 mins, UK

A fascinating look at Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, the pioneers behind the style of live-action puppetry made famous by British TV hit Thunderbirds. The original creators Lady Penelope and Parker themselves present a sentimental, honest and in-depth account of the original team utilising rare archived footage as well as brand new interviews from the surviving cast and crew and clips from the shows themselves. The film explores the creative process which the team remark on with hilariously dry wit. There is always a sense of fun throughout, with ingenious recreations of the techniques used, and awe-inspiring pyrotechnic wizardry.

Touted as the definitive documentary of the craft, and filmed in wonderfully retro style, the film goes beyond fan service, speaking of the film industry at large and commentating on the tension between creativity and commerce.

A must for fans of the original craft and lovers of creativity alike.

Australian Premiere