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Kajaki: Kilo Two Bravo

Tense, blackly comic and troubling because it’s so recent and so real.
Empire magazine


Paul Katis


  • David Elliot
  • Mark Stanley
  • Scott Kyle
  • Benjamin O’Mahony
  • Bryan Parry
  • Liam Ainsworth
  • Andy Gibbins
  • John Doughty
2014, 108 mins, UK
War | Thriller

Based on the harrowing true account of an event that took place in the midst of the Afghanistan conflict, Kajaki: Kilo Two Bravo is a tense and informative experience of contemporary British army life. It recounts an incident involving a group of soldiers from the British army’s 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment, who were stationed at the Kajaki Dam in Afghanistan in 2006. It is there where one of the patrolmen detonates a land mine, grievously trapping him in deadly Taliban territory and setting into motion a desperate rescue mission. His troupe must work their way through the unmarked minefield, a by-product from the Russian invasion in the eighties. With no discernible way out, any movement risks death.

This thrilling story of camaraderie and sacrifice has been widely praised by veterans and soldiers alike, as it rigorously depicts British army life and the undeniable lengths men will go for selflessness amidst honour and duty.

Australian Premiere
  • nominated
    • Outstanding Debut – British Academy Film Awards 2014