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The Lost Aviator

Bill Lancaster’s story is too enticing not to have been told already on screen.


Andrew Lancaster


2014, 91 mins, UK | Australia

In a story far more epic than most aviation fiction, Australian director Andrew Lancaster follows the life and times of his great uncle; famed British Captain Bill Lancaster in The Lost Aviator. Against his family’s wishes Andrew delivers an intensely personal and unsentimental investigation of the scandal that rocked the Golden Age of Aviation. Through meticulous investigation he uncovers tales of adventure, obsession and a love triangle that eventually led to a sensational murder trial. When Bill aims to be the first to fly from England to Australia, he quickly realises he lacks the funds for such a ground-breaking trip. It is at this point that he unscrupulously abandons his wife and two children for an Australian socialite, Jessie Miller, who promises to finance him.

This is just the beginning of the tumultuous life of the aviation star. Andrew leaves no stones unturned as he asks all the difficult questions about his great uncle, irking his family and surfacing long buried traumas denoted by the Lancaster legacy and the twisted murder case that was soon to follow.

    • Miami International Film Festival 2014